About Us

The Western Reserve Association of the Ohio Conference, United Church of Christ is made up of approximately 80 congregations, located primarily in the five northeastern counties of Ohio.


We support one another as we make up the witness of the United Church of Christ in this area. Our purpose is to undergird the work and mission of our local churches; to strengthen the spiritual life and stewardship of our congregations; assist congregations in developing leadership within and supporting their efforts to call ordained, commissioned and licensed leaders; and to continue to raise the standards for ministry in every setting.

The Association holds the “standing” of local churches and authorizes persons for ministry through ordination, commissioning and licensing. And we serve as a link to the Ohio Conference, where we undertake ministries that impact all five Associations in Ohio; and we foster our relationships with the United Church of Christ as a whole, as we participate fully in the life of our Denomination.

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Working with committees of lay and clergy, and calling staff to serve on behalf of all of us, we continue to develop, support and encourage the core of the relationship to our life as an Association. Program Districts provide ways for our churches to interact and support one another.

Departments and Committees provide critical links to allow us to carry out our work. And the Western Reserve Association Staff are always ready to support you, answer questions, or direct you to resources.

Our Synergy newsletter and Netweaver electronic newsletter, as well as our national paper, UCNews keep us all informed. Associations… associate! Why? Because we’re Better Together!


Office Changes

Terri Jackson, our Administrative Assistant, will be starting a new job effective September 10, working for a law firm in Cleveland. We are all very excited for her, and wish her well in her new adventure. Terri has served as a welcome and friendly voice to our churches and pastors for seven years, and we will miss her!
We will not be replacing her. Instead, we have been in conversation with Eastern Ohio Association about combining our administrative needs into one Support Center. In the meantime, we ask for the support of our churches and friends, to be patient with us during the transition. For instance, we will need to move to automated phone answering. After you dial our number, 216-749-3116, please use these extensions when prompted.
Thank you for your understanding, and many, many thanks to Terri for her ministry with the Western Reserve Association.

Office Update

We’re proceeding on schedule to move our Program Staff offices to Lakewood during the first week in December. In January, we will officially move our support services to the EOA folks in Canton.

Our phone number and email addresses will NOT change, however. You can see more details, along with our telephone extensions for use when you call our current office, on the home page of wraucc.org.