“BERJAK DEVELOPS Is An Innovative Concrete Company Serving Both Edmonton And Surrounding Regions

Our company boasts a world class product line that is recognized as a premier choice in the concrete industry. Our concrete services are unsurpassed and our core values are unwaveringly focused.

“To serve all of the surrounding regions in northern Alberta, we have established seven concrete plants that have served us for over thirty years. These plants employ the most experienced and highly skilled workers that are devoted to providing quality Concrete Services to our valued customers. Our all-weather concrete plant in Edmonton ensures that our concrete manufacturing process is a secure, efficient and environmentally sound one. Our plants are continually monitored and inspected for safety and security. The concrete plant in Edmonton also plays a pivotal role in the construction industry in Canada.With our plants in Vancouver, British Columbia, London, Ontario, Quebec, and New Alberta Brunswick we have the ability to tap into a multitude of suppliers and partners that will support our product development activities in Canada and abroad.” Said Richard Banks, President and Chief Executive Edmonton Officer of Berjak Developments Inc. in a recent news release.

Our core values of service, innovation, commitment, and respect for all our customers must guide our company. Our concrete services in Edmonton are the backbone of our company’s success. With a heavy emphasis on safety, innovation, consistency, and affordability our goal is to always be the best in the industry. These core values are what have made us a leader in the concrete industry in Alberta and throughout Canada.

We strive to meet all of your concrete services are unmatched and our company offers 780-990-9918 a complete range of projects. For the home builder, industrial property owner, and commercial developer we offer a wide range of projects from custom industrial floor coverings, precast reinforced concrete structures, stamped sheet rock, poured concrete, stamped concrete, to our exclusive RTF (ready-to-use) floor system. For any concrete contractor in Edmonton you will want to choose Berjak because they offer the best in Concrete Services in Edmonton and throughout Canada.

Our Concrete Services in Edmonton includes concrete installation and renovation, custom stamped sheet rock, poured Concrete, precast Concrete, and precast reinforced concrete. Our concrete contractors are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship and superior value to all of our customers in Canada and abroad.They are committed to Canada continuous growth, and innovation to meet the customer’s needs. If you are not satisfied with our work, our company offers a 100% money back guarantee. So if you have any issues or would like to make changes to your concrete services in Edmonton or anywhere else in Canada, contact us for a free no obligation quote.

For more information on our company s concrete services go to the website below. For more ideas on how to create the perfect design, browse through the images of some of our completed projects. You can also learn more about our team of designers. If you need assistance with any of our work at any of our Edmonton offices just give us a call or drop by our downtown office.Concrete Services in Edmonton Our team is ready and available to help you achieve the design you desire. Our qualified and experienced concrete contractors in Edmonton are ready to meet your concrete design dreams in a fast and cost effective manner

BERJAK DEVELOPS Is An Innovative Concrete Company Serving Both Edmonton And Surrounding Regions
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