Desire To Be Turn Into A Toy Pro? Read Through This.

Good Ways To Find And Get Wonderful Toys. Studying toys can be something for you to do should this be a thing that interests you. that’s a good start, but it will probably be the easiest part of going to market. From there you’ll have to make prototypes, persuade a toy company to buy or license your idea, or — for those who like to blaze their own trail — find manufacturers and distributors who can produce the toy and get it on shelves. And don’t forget about business plans, marketing, and finance.

It’s a hard road, but hardly impossible. The following five experts have found success with their toy creations, and have supplied their tips and advice to help smooth a successful toy-making pathway for you.

Since then we’ve been iterating live with customers. We put Makies live in minimum viable product in mid-2012. We experimented with skin color by boiling all-white printed dolls in tea and coffee. We have Cubes and MakerBots in the office, and we prototype daily on them, printing shoes, jewelry, pets, and more.

The team is now 16 people strong. We use 3D Studio Max, Unity, Solidworks, and Adobe Creative Suite software. We print each doll on-demand and send it direct to the customer’s home.