It Is Very Important For You To Know What To Look For In A Travel Nurse Agency

1. Do you trust your Recruiter?

You need to have full confidence in your Recruiter. So important! Top-notch Recruiters have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry so that they can guide you to where you will be most successful. They should be transparent and straightforward so that you can listen to their guidance without worrying about ulterior motives. They should have excellent problem-solving abilities, so that when ‘life happens’ during your assignment, you have confidence that they will generate solutions. You should feel that you are more than a statistic to your recruiter, and that you have a real advocate for you and for your success.

2. Does your agency have on-staff experts in housing, documentation, clinical issues and more?

The best travel nursing companies have a corporate staff of specialists prepared to aide you in your career. Your housing should be secured by a licensed realtor who knows the ins and outs of property rentals, ensuring that every housing option is explored and that you get an apartment perfectly suited to your needs. You should have a Clinical Coordinator available to you for career counseling and guidance in times of crisis; this individual needs to be someone with a diverse and authoritative background so that you can trust their advice.

3. Can you reach your agency contacts quickly and easily?

Your Recruiter should answer your questions promptly and thoroughly. Whether by phone, email or text, you’ll feel better knowing they’re on call. If an after-hours emergency arises, your agency should have a friendly 24-hour representative who knows the details of your personal situation and can solve any issue that arises.

4. Is your travel nursing agency a stable, experienced company?

Joint Commission Certification is a good indication of an established professional organization. Travel nursing agencies that have earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal have a proven track record, and don’t see their role as ending once you report for work at your new location.

At the end of the day, you want your agency to find you a job. They’re going to be in a much better position to do so if they have access to positions in a wide variety of locations, healthcare settings and specialties.

5. Does your agency have a track record of providing first-rate housing?

Living in different locations is one of the most exciting aspects of travel nursing. However, it’s also true that transitions can be challenging, especially if you have to research the rental market in your destination city. The top travel nursing agencies will provide you with free, fully furnished housing. Alternatively, if you’re interested in a location where you have other housing options, your agency should contribute a generous monthly housing stipend.